2024 Interior Design Trends: Inviting Spaces and Eye-Catching Accents

These 7 interior design trends will help you get cozy while creating moments of stand-out style.

It’s no question that blue is the it color of 2024—at least seven companies chose it for the color of the year. But bold blues aren't the only thing livening up rooms throughout the home. We’ve identified seven more trends designers expect to see in the coming year. Many overlap and connect, making it easy to embrace these comfort- and style-driven predictions.

Guest bedroom

Keyanna Bowen

1. Cozy Spaces

“Many clients are requesting smaller, more intimate spaces to cuddle up and read, watch a small TV, cuddle by the fire, or listen to some tunes,” says designer Lindsey Putzier. “While open plan living has been popular for a while, we’ve figured out in the last couple of years that all walls aren’t evil and people do need their own personal space.”

Putzier is turning seldom-used living rooms and dining rooms into lounge spaces, and even turning those small spaces under the stairs into reading nooks. For maximum coziness, she recommends incorporating darker colors, bookshelves, and drapery panels. “Add furniture that’s set up for good conversation—float pieces in the room, instead of pushing everything against the walls,” Putzier advises. “Lastly, an oversized blanket is the perfect touch for that extra cozy feel!”

neutral traditional living room with curvy coffee table and beige curtains

Julie Soefer

2. More Curves 

“Curvaceous and sculptural furniture was everywhere this fall,” says designer Meghan Cates, noting trends she spotted at shows like High Point Market. “We are seeing a shift toward more organic and fluid shapes, from sofas to cocktail tables, lighting, and cabinetry.”

One place to incorporate the trend? Tabletops. “One of my favorite seating configurations is using four chairs centered around a fabulous cocktail table,” says Cates. “Everyone can see each other and this design concept works great in small spaces and in larger spaces when you want multiple seating options.” Another example is rounded kitchen islands, which Cates has started to notice more as well. 

Cates notes that these softer forms are also closely connected with the trend toward more cozy spaces, as they lend themselves toward comfortable intimacy. Curved sofas, for example, are not only soft-edged, but they are also perfect for positioning as a structural and interesting piece away from the wall.

Black stair railing with cut-out designs

Robert Peterson

3. Pedestals on Display

Designer Mary Best is seeing pedestals bringing a spotlight to interiors in 2024. “I love the drama a pedestal adds to the room. They make your art or collectible a focal point,” says Best, adding that the display stands also make an eye-catching perch for plants. Pedestals are available in a variety of materials, sizes, and price points, which helps make this an easy trend to embrace. Plus, these accent pieces can find a home in multiple rooms, as well as multiple decorating styles. “Pedestals can elevate the look of any space,” says Best.

4. Metallic Accents

According to Cosentino’s trends report, both homeowners and designers agree that metallics will be big in 2024. Though interiors won’t be going full glam, look to add sparkle through textiles, decorative fixtures, plumbing, or lighting. There will be many opportunities to add a twinkle to your decor, even in unexpected places. Cosentino’s research reveals that metallic accents will be especially popular in showers, but will also come in through surfaces like kitchen countertops and fireplace cladding. Even flooring is getting in on the trend: This fall, FLOR launched the Clevelander style, an Art Deco pattern accentuated with gold yarn. 

White and brown living room decor

Scott Little

5. Shades of Brown

We’re seeing less stark whites and cool grays as neutrals warm up in home decor and color palettes. As a result, shades of brown are coming in strong as a rich yet neutral accent. Interior designers in a 1stDibs trends survey for 2024 identified chocolate browns as one of the top three colors for the year—up from sixth place in 2023. York Wallcoverings even named Bay Brown their color of the year for 2024. Carol Miller, color and trend expert with York Wallcoverings, says the rich color complements recent trends like biophilic design and dark academia. Look for browns in natural elements such as wood and leather furnishings, but also through paint and wallpaper colors. 

6. New Historical Influences 

The styles of the 1950s and '60s that have been popular for the past few years are starting to decline, according to the 1stDibs trends survey for 2024. Alternatively, they report a rise in the aesthetics of the 1920s and '30s, as well as the 1970s. Art Deco of the '20s and '30s tracks with the rise of metallics, while the noted resurgence of brown is an integral part of the 1970s bohemian flair.

Similarly, 1stDibs is seeing a shift in popular seating styles on their site. While chairs largely iconic to the 1950s were dominating trends, now pieces like De Sede DS-600 'Snake’ Sofas and Afra and Tobia Scarpa Soriana seating are seeing an upswing. These more abstract looks took hold in the 1970s, and also reflect the trends toward more curves, cozy spaces, and seating positioned away from the wall. 

bedroom with patterned textiles and vintage accents
Ellie Lillstrom

7. Burl Wood

An Art Deco staple, burl wood is striking an elegant comeback. Cates describes the rich tones and pattern as an  “intricate and dense wood grain” noting that it has a “dynamic and striking” presence in decor. “From dining tables to buffets, to beds and mirrors, burled wood is the perfect option to add rich character and color to any room.” Cates calls it a classic style, and while it certainly ties to a specific historical period, she notes that it has a timeless look that mixes well with old and new pieces. Among the more traditional darker wood tones to be found, Cates has seen showstopping shades of blue and green as well. 

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