Your Bar Cart Needs This Affordable, Ready-to-Drink Espresso Martini from ALDI

Starting January 12, you'll be able to concoct everyone's favorite after-dinner beverage with minimal effort.

Zarita espress martini from Aldi

Aldi; Better Homes & Gardens/Amy Cooper

It's not groundbreaking news that the espresso martini is everyone's go-to cocktail.

According to CGA by NielsenIQ's cocktail tracker, it's one of the top 10 cocktails in the U.S. and has been growing for years now. The hashtag #espressomartini has 556 million views on TikTok. The only problem is that it takes a niche group of ingredients and more time and effort than most alcoholic beverages to create. Not everyone has an espresso machine or coffee liqueur in their bar cabinet, and if you're hosting, concocting a few for friends might leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed.

The latest solution to this dilemma comes in the form of a ready-to-drink bottle from ALDI. Priced at just $10 and available on January 12, the discount grocer's Zarita Espresso Martini is made with real espresso and sweetened with agave nectar. It sticks to the traditional recipe and allows you to indulge without making another trip your local coffee shop for more beans. 

If an espresso martini really isn’t your beverage of choice, there's no need to feel left out. They can lead to pretty intense hangovers, thanks to the mixture of alcohol and caffeine. Plus, you might have a bedtime to stick to, even on a night out! If that’s the case, ALDI gets it and has more exciting options for you.

Aldi specialty wine collection bottles, glasses, plate of grapes and cheese


The ready-to-drink espresso martini isn’t the only new drink hitting ALDI’s shelves: There are two new bottles being added to ALDI’s globally-sourced, premium wine collection for under $11. Stock up when you can, as they’re only available until April 7. 

ALDI described the Specially Selected Crémant de Bordeaux Rosé as “lovely, fresh, and crisp” featuring floral notes and a “pleasant, toasted brioche flavor, representative of the French region." If you prefer a white wine, try out the other limited-time bottle: Specially Selected DOCG Gavi, a “lively, fresh, and fruity" option from Italy.

Whether you're looking to stock your wine cellar, fill your bar cart, or simply have a craving for an espresso martini without the craving to make one, ALDI has you covered. All you have to do is add your coffee bean garnish.

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