50 Stunning Backyard Ideas That Fit Every Kind of Space

Whether you’re in need of patio ideas, outdoor dining, or want to set up a fun space to relax with family and friends, these backyard ideas will provide plenty of inspiration.

Outdoor kitchen

Edmund Barr

There’s almost no other space in your home that’s as versatile as a wide-open backyard. There are thousands of possibilities for creating seating areas, putting in a pool, adding storage with a shed, and other backyard landscaping ideas that can add even more style and function to your home. Whether you’re on a budget and in need of cheap backyard ideas, or feel your creativity is limited by a tiny yard, you’ll find all the inspiration you need to create your own outdoor oasis.

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Backyard Shed

Backyard shed

Jay Wilde

Love fresh flowers? If your garden is always full of blooms, turn an outdoor shed into your own personal flower shop! This shed has a gorgeous wood interior with plenty of shelves for storing garden supplies and extra vases.

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Patio Ideas

Home patio

Emily Followill

Create an area for outdoor dining or entertaining by laying a patio with stone tiles. Setting up a table and chairs and stringing lights from the trees creates a modern area for dining al fresco.

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Fire Pit

Backyard firepit

James Nathan Schroder

If you have a large backyard, create multiple outdoor “rooms.” Just outside the house, a patio and pergola makes a great spot for entertaining in the shade, while a few feet away, a fire pit with chairs is a good place to gather after dark.

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Backyard gazebo

Annie Schlechter

With a gazebo providing shade and protecting from rain, set up a cushy area for backyard picnics. Wicker chairs, an outdoor rug, and lots of pillows and cushions create an area for relaxing outdoors.

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Backyard Pool Ideas

Pool deck

Annie Schlechter

A pool is the ultimate way to unwind in your backyard. This design places a patio with reclining chairs right next to the water, with a wood frame extending from the house to hang string lights or curtains for added shade and privacy.

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Large Backyard Patio

Backyard patio

Annie Schlechter

This backyard has a huge concrete patio that allows for multiple seating and living areas. A large outdoor umbrella provides shade for cushioned furniture, while a dining area is set up just next to the grill for fun summer barbecues.

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Landscaping Ideas

Backyard landscaping

Justin Coit

Building into a hill limits some of the space in the backyard, but clever landscaping creates an area for a fire pit and bench-style seating. Flower beds and potted plants scattered throughout the yard add lushness and color.

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Small Backyard Ideas

black gravel patio with black walls and patio lounge furniture

Marty Baldwin

Make the most of limited space by placing an outdoor loveseat and coffee table in the backyard. The dark-colored stone and surrounding walls make the area look larger, while the wall of plants adds greenery and color to an otherwise stark backyard.

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Outdoor Dining Table

Backyard deck dining

Laurey Glenn 

Even in a smaller backyard, a large dining table surrounded with chairs makes the most of the space by providing lots of seating. This design takes advantage of the outdoor setting by using a Boston fern in place of a chandelier.

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Backyard Shed Ideas

Backyard shed

Brie Williams

Fully embrace the she-shed trend by turning a backyard shed into a cozy nook with chairs and a side table. When you want to enjoy the sun, this backyard also has an outdoor seating area with wicker chairs placed just outside the shed.

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Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen

Edmund Barr

If you spend most of your time in the backyard cooking on the grill, consider creating an outdoor kitchen. Built-in counters and a wood fire oven provide lots of space for making delicious meals, while an outdoor dining area is just steps away.

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Stock Tank Pool

Backyard stock tank pool

Buff Strickland

Put in a backyard pool on a budget by adding a stock tank pool. Much simpler to install than an in-ground pool, it still creates a relaxing oasis in this backyard with the addition of blue beach chairs.

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Small Pond

Backyard pond

Buff Strickland

Upgrade a small backyard by putting in a tiny water feature. A small pond is the centerpiece of this yard, surrounded by lush plants and cushioned Adirondack chairs for enjoying the sound of flowing water.

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Backyard Entertaining

Backyard entertaining

Peter Krumhardt

Turn your backyard into a central spot for entertaining. The dining table and chairs provide plenty of seating, while a work table becomes an outdoor bar with the addition of an ice bucket, glasses, and several bottles of wine.

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Space-Saving Landscaping Ideas

Small backyard landscaping

Waterbury Publications, Inc.

Since most of this backyard is dominated by a deck, it’s the best place to set up outdoor seating and chairs. Then, there’s room to get creative in the small yard with planter boxes and large colorful plants.

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Backyard Seating

Porch hanging swing

Robert Brinson

Make space for seating even on a tiny back porch with a hanging swing. A marbled coffee table provides a spot to set drinks or food, while a few poufs fill in with additional seating.

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Modern Backyard Ideas

Modern backyard

Laurie Black

For a backyard in the city, consider going completely contemporary. Poured concrete creates a patio surrounded by large plants, while colorful benches with clean lines add seating and modern style.

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Garden Plan

Backyard garden

Bob Stefko

Show off your love for nature with this backyard landscaping idea that covers most of the area with large, colorful plants. A small path winds its way through the greenery up to a patio with seating for admiring the garden.

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Natural Privacy Fence

Small backyard dining

Kim Cornelison

Add color to a small backyard with a tinted dining table and multicolor rope chair. Towering bamboo planted along the edge of this small backyard also helps add privacy without making the space feel closed in.

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Paver Patio

Backyard patio

John Merkl

Create a paver stone patio in your backyard without breaking the bank. This simple design adds space for a dining table and chairs just outside the house, while leaving the grass and garden beds in the rest of the backyard to add color and greenery.

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Cozy Fire Pit

Backyard firepit

Caitlin Atkinson

A fire pit doesn’t have to be huge in order to create a cozy entertaining space. This small backyard places a portable fire pit in one corner with just two Adirondack chairs for intimate gatherings.

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Large Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Large backyard with raised garden beds

Marion Brenner 

Design the lush backyard of your dreams by landscaping with raised garden beds and a concrete path weaving through the greenery. A small circular patio provides a space for seating in the middle of this overgrown garden backyard.

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Backyard Bar

Backyard bar

John Granen

Add a bar to your backyard on a budget by setting up an outdoor workbench with rolling shelves. This cheap backyard idea is dressed up by string lights and a white pergola, but everything on the bar is portable and easy to remove after entertaining.

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Painted Backyard Shed

Backyard shed

Adam Albright

Painting a backyard shed is an easy, budget-friendly way to completely change the look of your yard. This sunny yellow shed with modern farmhouse doors stands out as a bright spot against the green grass and surrounding trees.

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Small Backyard Pool Ideas

Backyard pool

Seth Smoot

If a pool dominates most of the space in your backyard, you can still set up a small seating area. This yard places a few plastic chairs in a small strip of concrete between the pool and the fence to create a tiny relaxation area for soaking up the sun.

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Backyard guesthouse

Seth Smoot

If you need more room for guests to stay, turn a small shed or pool house into a functional guesthouse. This small guest room has a sliding door that opens right onto the pool, with blue and white wallpaper that matches the colors used in the pool design.

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Covered Patio

Patio pergola

Paul Costello

Stay protected from rain and out of the sun with a patio covering that extends from the roof. In this design, the covering also adds an opportunity to install a hanging chair and pendant lights.

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Backyard Dining

Casual backyard dining

Coral von Zumwalt

Set up for a party or casual picnic with a low outdoor table and small wicker cushions for seating. A brightly colored tablecloth creates a festive table setting, along with large starry string lights.

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Outdoor Fireplace

Backyard stone patio

Kim Cornelison

An outdoor fireplace provides a cozy spot to warm up beside the pool in this backyard. Planting large ferns and shrubs on the other side of the low wall also gives this yard a tropical feel.

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Backyard Deck

Backyard deck

Jason Donnelly

Make the most of a smaller deck space with a clever furniture set up. Placing larger bench seating along the outer railing creates an open space with room for an outdoor coffee table, and a small outdoor bar with barstools encloses the entertaining area.

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String Lights

Backyard shed

Werner Straube

A backyard shed adds lots of room for storage, but in this design, it’s also a perfect place to attach string lights. Running the lights between the home and the shed allows them to cross over the dining area on the patio, creating a romantic atmosphere.

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Backyard Tub

Backyard bathtub

Kim Cornelison 

Smaller and more private than a hot tub, this outdoor bathtub is the ultimate place to relax. String lights, painted wood decor, and Adirondack chairs help create a rustic, calming area to unwind.

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Stone Fireplace

Stone fireplace

Dane Tashima

A large stone fireplace adds grand elegance to this backyard seating area. A low bench provides seating close to the fire, while cushioned wicker chairs create a larger entertaining area.

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Private Backyard

Backyard patio

Adam Albright

A large wood fence and high retaining walls enclose this small patio. However, plantings along the walls add greenery and life to the space, and a small patio chair provides a separate seating area from the dining set up.

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Large Backyard Deck

Modern deck fireplace

Adam Albright

A huge deck area has a built-in white brick fireplace as the center of the gathering area. Surrounded by cushioned loveseats with an umbrella-covered dining area in the back, this modern deck is great for entertaining outdoors.

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Backyard Playground

Backyard playground

Paul Costello

Set up a fun area for kids even in a small backyard. This cute play area combines the feel of a treehouse and a larger playground by adding a slide to the elevated platform.

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Bench Seating

Backyard entertaining space

Jessica Sample

The ivy covering the house in this backyard gives the illusion of a larger area surrounded by shrubs or trees. Bench-style seating covered with cushions creates a lot of space for entertaining, and opens up the rest of the yard to place a dining table and chairs.

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Modern Farmhouse Backyard

Modern farmhouse backyard

Kritsada Panichgul

Create a stylish backyard that matches the look of a modern farmhouse with a slightly elevated deck with a dining area and reclining chairs. This backyard keeps a rustic feel thanks to climbing ivy and small garden beds surrounding the deck.

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Rustic Backyard

Rustic backyard

John Stoffer

Embrace nature in your backyard by setting up a fire pit on gravel with Adirondack chairs. Stacked wood just behind the fire pit contributes to the rustic feel and is in easy reach.

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Small Space

Small yard landscaping

Kim Cornelison

Set up a spot to relax in a small backyard with a few lounge chairs and an umbrella placed on a patio. Landscaped garden beds and planters add color and life to the small space.

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Gravel Backyard

Gravel backyard

Kim Cornelison

To cut down on mowing, consider creating a patio area with gravel or small stones. This provides a level area to place outdoor furniture, but this cheap backyard idea is much more budget-friendly than pouring concrete or laying large stone tiles.

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Wood Shed

Backyard wooden shed

Winona Barton-Ballentine

This screened-in backyard shed stands out thanks to stunning natural wood, and provides plenty of room for a relaxing seating area. A large table outside also gives the option of eating outdoors on the stone patio.

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Repurposed Planter

Backyard planters

Jason Donnelly

Easily update the look of your backyard on a budget with repurposed planters. This design places painted metal tubs inside a wood frame for stylish, simple planter boxers.

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Backyard Alcove

Narrow patio space

Emily Rone

If your home has a natural alcove in the backyard, make use of the space with a concrete slab and a small dining area. Hanging planters against one wall of the home add life to the otherwise white space.

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Garage Space

Garage gameroom

Christina Schmidhofer

Turn a large garage in the backyard into a stylish area for entertaining. This modern design turns the garage into a game room for the entire family with doors that can be shut in bad weather, or curtains to draw for added privacy that still lets in a breeze.

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Backyard Grill Ideas

Backyard grill

Kathyrn Gamble

If grilling is always on the menu for outdoor entertaining, consider building an outdoor counter space for prepping food. It makes it easy to transfer food straight from the grill to the waiting picnic table.

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Pretty Pergola

Elegant outdoor dining

Christina Schmidhofer

Whether you’re setting up for an event or just want to bring some added elegance to your backyard, white curtains paired with round white lights make this pergola look eye-catching. The curtains provide privacy if needed, while the white palette lets the blue cushions and chairs shine.

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Backyard Shower

Backyard shower

Christina Schmidhofer

If you have a pool outdoors, consider setting up an outdoor shower to easily rinse off. This design has a wood fence and gate for privacy, and a simple metal rainwater shower head.

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Raised Bed

Backyard garden beds

Lisa Romerein

Raised garden beds make it easy to grow your favorite outdoor plants. Simple paver tiles allow for a cushioned seating area for entertaining or resting after gardening.

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Raised Bed Garden

Backyard garden

Marion Brenner

Turn your backyard into a gardener’s paradise. Several raised garden beds allow for growing a variety of edible and decorative plants, while simple gravel paths make it easy to navigate and tend to each area of the garden.

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