How to Make Your Space Feel Like Your Favorite Coffee Shop with Cafécore

Whether you go for a chalkboard menu or a coffee station, this trend is all about creating a feeling.

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Coffee is a sacred universal morning ritual, and while you can grab and go from a coffee shop as you rush to work, lately, more people are choosing to start their days a bit slower with at-home coffee creations.

 However, true coffee lovers know it's more than a beverage—it's a lifestyle. And this trend has transformed into an aesthetic of its own: cafécore.

Part of Pinterest Predicts 2024 report, this trend brings all the best parts of your favorite coffee house into your home. It captures the allure of space dedicated to mindful mornings as you ease into your day and relaxing afternoon breaks. It's a curated, cozy place to slow down and enjoy simple pleasures.

 If you're ready to set up your own in-home coffee spot, here are steps you can take to help you create the perfect place to start your day, get some work done, and wind down with a cup of tea.

What is cafécore, and why is it trending this year?

In its report, Pinterest said "Boomers and Gen X will bring the coffee shop vibe inside, searching for terms from ‘café chalkboard aesthetic' and ‘coffee station décor’ to ‘coffee bar styling’."

Like so many of the lifestyle trends we see today, coffee was greatly impacted by the pandemic. The lockdown closed many coffee shops, and people were forced to start making their morning brew at home. Some discovered they enjoyed getting creative with coffee the same way they do with food.

And, of course, the uptick in working from home continues to impact the way Americans live. With the change in commuter culture, bringing the coffee shop into the home is both an aesthetic and practical choice.

Younger generations are more likely not to drink or at least explore being sober curious, meaning the once ubiquitous bar cart suddenly feels out of place. A coffee bar is the perfect, aesthetically-pleasing replacement, giving guests another spot to gather.

This trend also matches well with the focus on cozy decor, so if you’ve already integrated that aesthetic, a coffee corner fits in seamlessly.

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How can you bring the café aesthetic home?

Cafécore isn’t about having the fanciest espresso machine you can buy. In fact, it doesn’t necessarily even revolve around coffee (shoutout tea drinkers!) but rather the feeling of a cozy café where you can sit and sip your beverage as you watch the world go by.

Your ideal coffee nook will vary depending on your space and personal style, but there are a few universal ways to create that ideal place to pour yourself a cup.

Bring some organization to your station

The last thing you want in the morning is to waste time rummaging around while you’re trying to get ready. Have a place that's accessible for all your must-have items, like mugs, spoons, sweeteners, etc. Take inspiration from a coffee bar if you don't have one, and keep them on your counter in matching containers for a quick grab-and-go on those days when you have to head into the office or hop on an early Zoom meeting.

Show a little personality

Sure, there's nothing wrong with a matching set of mugs. But if you have a quirky collection of cups from places you’ve traveled or fun ones with your favorite sayings, consider displaying them on some open shelving. They serve as a conversation starter but also a way to reminisce on some fond memories.

And don’t be afraid to copy your favorite coffee shop: From chalkboards that list the specials to coffee-inspired art, bringing in accessories and details that reinforce the theme make your space unique.

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Pull up a seat

What’s a great café without a spot to enjoy your drink? You don’t need much space to create a little nook for your morning coffee: Set up a small café table and bistro chair, and you'r there. If it’s a spot you’re planning on spending more time in, get inspired by everyone’s favorite fictional coffee shop, “Central Perk” from Friends, and source some comfy vintage chairs and a small table you can load up with magazines and books to peruse on rainy afternoons.

Engage all your senses

Set the mood with lighting: Consider adding a small lamp or even twinkle lights to create an intimate atmosphere. Make sure that you have different textures in the space to make it feel layered and multidimensional. And, since the coffee won’t always be brewing, consider a scented candle that smells like some of your favorite café treats—or actually throw a batch of muffins or cookies in the oven for a really authentic experience. These are the finishing touches that make your space complete.

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