How BHG Editors Help You Pick the Best Products and Services

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Our team at Better Homes & Gardens is always on the lookout for the latest and greatest products and the most reliable home services to improve the look and function of your home and garden. To find the best picks, our editors spend hours each day testing and researching products and services, as well as consulting with experts in the industry to help the more than 6 million visitors who turn to BHG each month get trusted insights and advice on shopping for their home. 

Why You Should Trust Us

BHG only features products that our editorial team has independently researched to be high quality and worth the investment. Our content is never swayed by advertising, and we purchase most of the products we test ourselves. Brands will occasionally send us products to sample; however, we never promise to positively review those products in exchange for free items. If we do end up loving a sample and write about the product, we always disclose how we acquired the item.

We also regularly refresh our articles to make sure they are still factually accurate, current, and meet the needs of our readers.

In order to make sure we're providing our readers with helpful, accurate information, writers and editors make all of the product and service recommendations you see on the Better Homes & Gardens site. We do not accept content written by AI tools like ChatGPT for publication.

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What We Do

Whether you’re shopping for a new humidifier or the best robotic pool cleaner, our team of experienced editors and writers have combed through thousands of products to bring you the best items for your specific needs and budget. We also consult with industry experts to answer your shopping questions and get the low-down on what really matters when you’re shopping for a particular item.

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We know that the best product or service for one person isn’t necessarily the best fit for another, so we always provide multiple options to suit a variety of home styles, geographic locations, household sizes, budgets, and lifestyles. We also strive to hire and feature a diverse group of editors, writers, and experts so that our content includes perspectives from a variety of viewpoints and experiences. You can read more about our commitment to elevating diverse voices in our Diversity and Inclusion Pledge.

In addition to providing an inside look at our favorite products, we also regularly write about new product launches and updates as well as the best sales to shop to snag a great deal.

How We Test Our Products

Ever wish you could test the top 30 vacuums to find the best one for pet hair? That’s a time consuming—and expensive—prospect for most shoppers, so we’ve set up three labs around the country to test a variety of home, garden, and kitchen products for you.

We have labs in Des Moines, Iowa; New York City; and Birmingham, Alabama, where we put hundreds of products through a variety of qualitative and quantitative testing each week to make sure that they perform up to our rigorous standards and have a design that will last for years to come. We also monitor and test the latest product releases to ensure our recommendations are up to date.

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In the lab, our experienced staff photographers capture photos of us testing the products so that you can see how they perform in each test, any visible wear and tear from use, and the special details that make an item stand out from the pack.

We then send many of our top lab-tested products home with testers so that they can use the products long-term in their own homes to provide further insights on their performance and durability over time. We take notes on how the products have held up after three months, six months, and one year while being used by a variety of families, including households with pets and children, and in various climates and home types, such as apartments, townhouses, and single-family homes.

Every product with our BHG Recommends badge has undergone a series of hands-on tests to earn a feature in our articles.

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How We Review Services

Unlike many products, certain services—such as pest control and solar installation—are more difficult for our editors and writers to test. When this is the case, our in-house research team collects extensive data and, in some instances, conducts consumer surveys to gather as much information as possible on each company we’re reviewing. Their methods include making customer service calls, requesting online or over-the-phone quotes, and consulting subject matter experts for industry insights. 

Together with the editorial team, our researchers compile a specific set of criteria to work off of for every category we cover, from moving containers to lawn care. Once the data sets are filled in, each criteria point is assigned a weight as a means of scoring each company. Our “Best of” lists are then compiled using those scores.

How We Find Deals

Brands often claim to be running their “biggest sale of the year,” but is that claim true? Our editorial team analyzes years’ worth of sales and pricing fluctuations so that you can cash in on the best deals and times to buy. We filter through thousands of deals during top shopping events like Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday to help you fill your cart with the day’s top buys. We also keep an eye out for great sales on popular items year round. 

In addition to finding great deals, we share whenever we find a product we think you’ll love, from gardening tools and patio furniture to pillows and holiday decor. We also monitor seasonal styles and trends to help you channel the latest looks into your space without breaking the bank.

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Fact Checking

Our team of experienced editors regularly reviews our articles to make sure that the information they contain is accurate and up to date. We also frequently update our product lists to include newly released models and insights so that you have the latest information at your fingertips.

We regularly consult with industry experts, such as professional organizers, doctors, interior designers, and Master Gardeners, to make sure our articles are factually accurate, thorough, and safe.

How We Make Money

If you decide to click to a retailer’s site from one of our articles, we may earn a commission if you make a purchase. Commission does not influence which products we write about, and we only recommend items that we have thoroughly researched and stand behind.

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Although we always do our best to only feature and recommend products with a superior safety rating, an item may occasionally be recalled. To make sure your possessions meet the latest safety standards, we suggest following the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) as well as registering your products with the manufacturer, which will notify you if the item is subject to a recall.

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