21 Stylish Dressing Room Ideas

Create your own glam oasis by taking inspiration from our favorite dressing spaces.

Dressing room with carpet

Victoria Pearson

Dressing rooms might seem like a luxury, but you don't need to have a full walk-in closet to create one. In fact, they're within reach for just about everyone. Whether you have an extra closet, a spare bedroom, or just a small corner, consider creating a dedicated space to get ready and display your favorite things.

Like closets, dressing rooms typically do contain storage for clothing—but it's how you organize the storage and finish the space that makes the room yours. From fully custom glam spaces to simple DIYs, we're sharing inspiration for intentional dressing room ideas at every scale and budget.

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Custom Dressing Room

Custom dressing room

Annie Schlechter

To get the look of a built-in, custom dressing room for less, consider the details. This vanity table is wrapped in the same base molding as the walls and painted the same color, making the space look custom. Sconces framing the mirror cement the sense of glamour.

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Dressing Room Wardrobes

Dressing room wardrobe

Michael Garland

Deciding between closed and open storage in your dressing room may come down to budget, as open hanging rods are less expensive than a closet system. If you have the option, closed wardrobes efficiently protect your clothes from dust and keep them clean. Doors with glass panes allow you to see in while protecting the clothes.

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Dressing Room Wallpaper

Dressing room wallpaper

Annie Schlechter

If you want your dressing room to energize you as you get ready for the day, choose a graphic wallpaper print. Confining it to just one wall or the vanity space ensures it's not too loud for early mornings.

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Dressing Room with Carpet

Dressing room with carpet

Victoria Pearson

Because the dressing room is typically a low-traffic space, it's the perfect spot for carpet. You'll love the feeling of carpet under your bare feet as you get dressed, and a plush carpet or rug adds glam and comfort. A neutral pattern like this one is timeless without being boring, and it allows the clothes to pop.

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Find Space for a Dressing Table

Dressing room table

Peter Rymwid

A dressing table can really go anywhere there's good lighting. This vanity is tucked into a hallway, where it gets good light and makes use of a space that might otherwise go empty.

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Dress Up Your Closet

Colorful dressing room

Adam Albright

Give your closet the dressing room treatment by painting the inside and replacing the doors with luxe curtains. Floating shelves for shoe storage allow easy access and more of a display aesthetic.

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Implement Smart Storage

Closet storage

Brie Williams

Combine smart storage and style in your dressing room. This space has a range of storage types—a shoe display, square shelves, and hanging storage—with details that make the room feel feminine and soft. Round wooden knobs, pink hangers, vintage furniture, and elegant millwork soften turn an attainable white closet into a room that feels luxe.

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Luxurious Dressing Room

Pale blue dressing room

Nancy Nolan

Baroque millwork stuns in this narrow dressing room, but there's much more to be inspired by. The cubby-style cut-outs for clothes can easily be emulated by an experienced DIY-er or hired carpenter, and the pale blue and ivory color palette is soothing and soft without being overtly feminine.

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Classic Glam Dressing Room

classic glam dressing room

John Bessler

Finishes make the look, both when styling an outfit and creating a custom dressing space. Simple white drawers and glass-paned closets are trimmed with chrome hardware and tiger-print upholstery adds to the sleek 80s-inspired decorating scheme. Simple square moldings refine this room and secure its timelessness. If you're starting with builder-grade wardrobes, let this space inspire you to add glam elements.

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Transform a Spare Bedroom

Spare bedroom as dressing room

Jay Wilde

With the right mix of furniture, you can easily turn a spare bedroom or office into a dressing room. The main elements you'll need are clothing storage (in this case, matching armoires), storage for small items, and a vanity table. An ottoman or stools are a great place to lay out outfit options, and they add an elegant touch to the room. The best part about a space like this is that you'll still have room for a guest bed.

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Add a Bright Paint Color

Dressing room decor

Julie Soefer

Choosing a dressing room paint color can be tough: What color goes with all the colors of your wardrobe? Since you don't necessarily need to match the paint color to the colors of your clothing, simply choose a color you like This room is supposed to be fun, after all! Here, a soothing dose of all-over aqua mixes well with block print curtains and white accents.

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Designing a Dressing Room

Dressing room custom cabinets

Edmund Barr

When designing custom cabinetry for your dressing room, it's critical to consider what they need to store. This homeowner has many more knit items and accessories than hanging clothes, so the dressing room is comprised of mostly drawers and shelves. If you're a shoe person, you may need to sacrifice cabinet space for shelves or shoe racks to display your footwear.

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Small Dressing Room

Neutral dressing room

John Bessler

Even a small dressing room can be a calming oasis. The right color palette is key to achieving a relaxing space. Here, browns, creams, blues, and whites come together for a soft, cocoon-like space. Open storage is smart in a narrow layout like this one to avoid taking up valuable space with cabinet doors.

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Elegant Dressing Room Ideas

Traditional dressing room

Ann VanderWiel Wilde

You don't have to have this many clothes to emulate the gorgeous style of this dressing room. Full-length glass paned wardrobes provide a peek at what's inside and allow plenty of room for long items. Antiqued mirrors on the end of each cabinet reflects light and nod to the room's purpose. Tall, narrow chests like the one in the center are known as lingerie chests, and are the perfect place for small clothing items and accessories.

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Narrow Dressing Room

Narrow dressing room

Brian Mc Weeney

This narrow dressing room makes a big impact with its decor elements. Warm shades of blue and pink provide a soft backdrop for glitzy mirrored armoires and crystal chandeliers. The overall effect is feminine and glamorous.

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Include Luxury Seating

Dressing room loveseat

John Granen

If getting ready with friends or family is one of your rituals, a place to perch is a must in your dressing room. A little loveseat could work, or you could add built-in seating. The tall upholstered bench in this dressing room provides seating and separation from the bathroom beyond.

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Modern Coastal Dressing Room

Modern coastal dressing room

Werner Straube

Though simply adorned, this modern dressing room still exudes softness and welcome, thanks to shiplap-faced doors and light wood floors. As it's an extension of the bathroom, moisture control is important. Strong ventilation and closed wardrobes are key to making this room work.

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Decorate with Color

Bold dressing room

David A Land

Wall color will impact how your clothes appear when you look in the mirror, so it's an important consideration for your dressing room. First and foremost, choose a color that complements your skin tone. Beyond that, it's up to you whether you go with a neutral or a more saturated color, like this gorgeous warm black. Putting statement pieces on display is another way to play with color in your dressing room.

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Luxury Dressing Room

Luxury dressing room

Brie Williams

This grand dressing room makes the most of traditional style. The multi-alcoved space provides storage for everything from clothes to shoes and accessories, while a tufted ottoman, lantern-style lighting, and mixed wood accents add to the overall style theme.

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DIY Dressing Room

DIY dressing room

Marty Baldwin

Turn your walk-in closet into a functional dressing room with some simple weekend projects. A mounted set of drawers becomes a place to display jewelry, while hooks above, hung in even rows, house frequently used accessories.

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Add Faux Built-Ins

Dressing room armoire

Stacey Brandford

Many people think of built-ins when imagining a custom dressing room, but if your style is traditional (or you're on a budget), stand-alone furniture pieces might make more sense. Here, matching armoires are lined with billowy cotton to create a luxury feel that's actually quite simple to put together.

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