34 Eclectic Kitchen Ideas for a Vibrant Cooking Space

Blend elements from different decorating styles for a kitchen that reflects your tastes and personality.

Kitchen with multicolor linoleum floor

Werner Straube

Eclectic design is an invitation to pull decor from any era or style—the only requirement is that you enjoy looking at it. Often called 'funky' or 'maximalist,' you can extend the more-is-more style of eclectic decor to your kitchen by thinking about bold mixes of color and displays of your favorite collections.

The rule of eclectic style is, 'if you love it, it will match.' Dip your toe in the design trend by adding small, colorful accent pieces you love. Or, make the eclectic style more permanent with colored appliances, vibrant tile choices, daring cabinetry colors, or a mix of all three.

Whether you're planning a simple refresh or dreaming of a full kitchen renovation, take inspiration from these eclectic kitchen ideas.

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Eclectic Kitchen Shelves

Kitchen with open shelving

Werner Straube

Open shelves and eclectic style go hand in hand, as they're the perfect place to display all the treasures you collect. Get a charming 'packed' look like this by placing your daily use items on the shelves first and then layering decorative objects around them. Place similar items together for a collected look that doesn't appear cluttered.

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Colorful Kitchen Appliances

White kitchen with green oven

Robert Peterson

A colorful appliance makes a bold, playful statement that can stand alone or serve as a base for your eclectic decor. You can get this look many ways, including vinyl appliance wraps, paint, and removable wallpaper. Just be sure the option you choose is heat-safe if you're upgrading your oven.

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Eclectic Kitchen Materials

Kitchen cabinet storage


You don't need a wild color palette to achieve an energizing, eclectic kitchen. Mixing finishes, textures, and shapes in a neutral color palette makes for a dynamic result. Items that feel handmade, such as the show-stopping basket chandelier, will also add personality to a more neutral room.

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Highlight Architecture

Kitchen with arched window

Julie Soefer

An unusual arched window is the focal point for this eclectic kitchen. The tile, lighting, and cabinetry frame this key feature and enhance it's delicate character. This kitchen could be called traditional, but the ceiling-high tile and high-contrast, two-tone cabinetry suggest the sense of uniqueness inherent in eclectic style.

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Handcrafted Decor Elements

Kitchen with blue cabinet

Debora Llewellyn

Handmade items, like these hand-painted bird tiles, are an essential part of eclectic style. If you find a handmade item you love, you can use it as the basis for the rest of the decor. Here, the bird theme continues with robin's egg blue appliances and light fixtures for a cheery kitchen that's one of a kind..

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Black and White Eclectic Kitchen

Neutral kitchen

Shaun Sullivan

White subway tile sets a vintage stage for classic marble countertops and modern cabinets equipped with flat-planed slab doors. Dark tile floors and black-painted window trim underscore the kitchen's progressive attitude, while open storage and accessories give a nod to days gone by.

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Bold Tile Color

Kitchen with abstract art

Kim Cornelison

Tile in a bold color, such as this teal backsplash, is interesting on its own. Pair it with equally daring cabinetry and accessories, and you automatically get a personality-filled kitchen. If you're new to eclectic style, you might be tempted to play down the other parts of the room and let the tile shine, but in this style, more is more. The goal is a complimentary mix of finishes where no one item is the star.

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Eclectic Kitchen Storage

Kitchen with eclectic wine rack

Jessie Preza

A unique wine storage rack is a reminder to show off what you love in an eclectic kitchen, whether it's wine or a set of copper cookware. Having kitchen items or ingredients adds character while keeping the things you use often closer at hand.

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Non-Traditional Flooring

Kitchen with multicolor linoleum floor

Werner Straube

Set the stage for an interesting kitchen with fun flooring that you can play up or down. Tri-color linoleum gives this otherwise traditional kitchen a fun pop of color. Linoleum is affordable and comes in endless colors that you can mix and match to suit your style.

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Handcrafted Decor

Kitchen with checkerboard floor

Stacy Zarin Goldberg

This whimsical blue and white kitchen uses handcrafted items to achieve a charming overall look. Notice how the hand-painted blue checkerboard floor, coordinating cafe chairs, and a statement piece of original art combine to make the kitchen feel relaxed and welcoming.

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Play With Scale

Kitchen with light blue cabinets

Hector Sanchez

Add a playful touch to the kitchen by playing with scale. Black and white tiles are classic, but this giant-size version tells you that this is a playful kitchen at heart.

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Eclectic Kitchen Antiques

Kitchen with antique glassware

Anne Schlechter

Display antique kitchen items or other collections to build the character in your kitchen. Layered art and glassware on the ledge of this stove alcove adds a huge dose of personality without taking up any prep space. Choosing vintage decor items that match the rest of the kitchen's color scheme ensures that while the look is eclectic, it's also cohesive.

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Mixed Finishes

Farmhouse kitchen

John Gruen

Mixing sleek stainless steel with rustic wood finishes creates fitting contrast for an eclectic kitchen. Think about mixing finishes where you can, including cabinetry, appliances, hardware, and furniture.

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Unexpected Accessories

white kitchen with vibrant red accent rug
Laurey Glenn

Adding unexpected items and textures is a way to break out of the traditional kitchen mold. This kitchen features a collection of books with their spines facing inward. This technique creates a soothing swatch of color that's more decorative than it is functional.

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Eclectic Kitchen Color Scheme

Country kitchen

James Nathan Schroder

Mixing up your color palette provides an eclectic feeling without filling your kitchen with stuff. For example, this kitchen has enough personality through the use of paint alone. The key here is using multiple coordinating colors in similar bold tones to signal this isn't another classic kitchen.

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Industrial Eclectic Kitchen

Industrial farmhouse kitchen

Anthony Masterson

Cage-style light fixtures, a rolling chalkboard door, galvanized-steel seating, and warm wood surfaces bring working-class spirit to this spick-and-span kitchen that sports period-spanning details. Subway tile provides a classic backdrop that highlights open shelves and contemporary appliances.

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Kitchen Wall Ideas

Kitchen mural

Kim Cornelison

Apply a graphic treatment to your kitchen walls using vinyl stickers, peel-and-stick wallpaper, or paint. A mural is unexpected in the kitchen, and it's the perfect way to dress up areas of negative space.

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Retro Kitchen Elements

Industrial kitchen

John Granen

Elements borrowed from assembly lines and manufacturing plants give a new kitchen industrial-era character. Subway tiles with modern shimmer, rustic wood cabinets equipped with bin pulls, white marble countertops, and high-tech gadgets blend past, present, and future ideas into a charmingly cohesive composition.

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Non-Traditional Shelves

Kitchen with open shelving

Stacey Brandford 

Storage is necessary in a kitchen, but it can also be an opportunity to add some personality. Shelves made from different-size boxes make a dynamic and playful statement on this kitchen wall. Using a strict color palette for the dishes on display ensures the look is not too chaotic.

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Natural Finishes

Contemporary kitchen

Laurie Black

Conventional white-painted upper cabinets partner with open shelves and sleek wood-grain base cabinets to create an eclectic kitchen with a transitional slant. Watery glass tiles and a naturally finished floor add to the kitchen's organic feel, while two types of sparkling pendant lights contribute a contemporary cottage ambience.

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Blue Eclectic Kitchen

Blue Kitchen

Kimberly Gavin

This kitchen keeps current thanks to a fusion of unexpected finishes, sentimental displays, and old and new details. Sky blue paint updates traditional Shaker-style cabinets; time-honored white subway tile highlights a contemporary range hood; and an antique area rug energizes dark-stained floors. However, it's the meaningful mementos and collected cookbooks exhibited throughout that give the eclectic kitchen personalized appeal.

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Colorful Eclectic Kitchen

White kitchen

Brie Williams

One part elegant, one part fanciful, this eclectic kitchen presents refined details alongside more relaxed furnishings. A paneled range hood and bead-draped chandelier take traditional ideas up a notch, while perky red stools and colorful dishware introduce a sense of playfulness that eases the kitchen's formality.

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DIY Eclectic Kitchen

DIY Kitchen Island

Jay Wilde

Do-it-yourselfers put their talents to work to compose eclectic kitchens that are singular in their appeal. Warehouse pallets upgrade a plain island, oversize numerals craft a captivating clock, and lampshade frames (sans fabric) convert to kitschy pendant lights in this eclectic kitchen. The artistic elements combine to turn what was a stock kitchen into a rock-star work space.

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Contemporary Kitchen

Green and white kitchen

Ed Gohlich

Take a traditional kitchen into contemporary quarters with an unexpected color scheme. In this eclectic kitchen, muted green coats the island, tile flooring, and inset shelving. Little hints of yellow on the barstools and dishware energize the otherwise neutral space.

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Farmhouse Eclecticism

Farmhouse kitchen

Emily Followill

Fine-tuned fabric and accessory choices give a farmhouse kitchen a bit of French flair. The introduction of just a few unexpectedly elegant elements or surprisingly whimsical details shifts a classic, traditional, or country kitchen in an eclectic direction.

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Bright Eclectic Kitchen

Kitchen with teal cabinet

Karlisch Photography

Two different cabinet finishes and a jazzy linoleum floor move a traditionally designed kitchen into modern times. The flooring's cool colors, mottled texture, and abstract pattern, as well as the island's natural wood tones, contribute a one-of-a-kind design. The not-quite-matching elements are essential to successful eclectic designs.

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Modern Vintage

Eclectic kitchen

Jay Wilde

Stainless-steel appliances and a mosaic-tile wall cast a contemporary light on a European-style kitchen outfitted with distressed finishes, industrial seating, and detailed painted cabinets. Vintage accents, a skirted sink cabinet, and a period light fixture contribute pops of color and further the kitchen's assembled-through-the-ages character.

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Contemporary Farmhouse

Contemporary farmhouse kitchen

Lincoln Barbour

Diversity reigns at every level of this kitchen. Light fixtures vary, including classic drum-shaded pendants, schoolroom-style fixtures, and Moroccan-influenced pendants. Pearlescent backsplash tiles, cool metal stools, and stainless-steel appliances provide modern counterweights to traditional marble countertops and painted cabinets. Hand-scraped floorboards supply a rustic anchor for the kitchen's eclectic finishes.

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Coastal Color Scheme

Traditional white kitchen

Jessica Klewicki Glynn

Turquoise touches, industrial stools, and vintage fittings energize a simply furnished kitchen. The X-detailed cabinets, whitewashed floors, and butcher-block-capped island evoke century-old farmhouses, while the accessories give the space a retro-chic outlook.

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Cottage Kitchen

Cottage kitchen

Richard Leo Johnson

Vibrant reds and brilliant blues add collected dimension to a charming white cottage kitchen. A glass-tile backsplash, sculptural duotone stools, a fabulous chandelier, and blue-shaded pendants are strategically placed so the modern, artsy, and vintage elements can be easily seen and best appreciated.

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Traditional Kitchen Design

Modern gray kitchen

Emily Minton-Redfield

Clean-lined stools rendered in modern materials, shapely backsplash tiles in surprising hues, and curvaceous glass pendants are central to this kitchen's eclectic design. Their colors (or, in the case of the pendants, lack of color) complement the room's more traditional elements, but their profiles give the room a hip attitude.

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Green Eclectic Kitchen

Modern green kitchen

Laurie Black

This modern kitchen's sleek surfaces and streamlined countertops left the homeowners longing for a little visual heat. They introduced Tuscan sunset tones, warm-hue walls, and artistic accessories to ease the chill and boost the room's welcoming feel.

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Pops of Pink

Kitchen bar

Laurie Black

A plain-Jane kitchen converts to a global sensation with a few pops of pink. This eclectic kitchen handily combines French bistro references and American diner details to create a scene that always delights the eye.

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Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Colorful kitchen

Adam Albright

Painted cabinets supply a country-fresh foundation for a lively kitchen designed to accommodate a busy family. The herringbone backsplash presents a traditional pattern in fashion-forward hues, while brighter tones pop on the island, area rug, and vintage dining chairs. Up-to-the-minute metals—appearing as appliances, a farmhouse sink, and pendant lights—mirror the floor's silvery-gray tones to create a charming yet cohesive view.

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