Here's How to Create a Book Nook in Your Home—No Matter the Size

Calling all readers! Follow these steps to create the book nook of your dreams in your own home.

While many would love to have a home library to read and relax in, that's not always an option. Finding an entire room to spare can be difficult, and sometimes a dream home library turns into random stacks of books around the house.

Blue wood built-ins with a window seat and cushion

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Luckily, it's easy to create a book nook. This smaller version of a home library provides a comfy spot to read. Book nooks can take many forms to fit any size and style of home. Follow these steps to create the cozy book nook of your dreams.

Built-in bench with pillows, shelves, and a mirror

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Pick a Spot

Before you set up your book nook, you need to find the perfect spot. Sometimes it's obvious, like your guest bedroom that's been sitting empty for months or the screened-in porch that no one uses. But if your home is tight on extra space, you might need to get creative.

Work with What You've Got

Do you have an unused closet? An empty space next to your staircase? How about a built-in bench? If you don't have an empty room, use existing spaces to create your book nook. There are no size restrictions to a book nook, so there are ways to create a cozy spot in any space. Get creative and imagine what the space could be if it had some sprucing up.

Choose a Rug

Once you've chosen the perfect spot for your book nook, pick out a rug that suits your space. If your book nook is part of another room, a rug can help your book nook feel like it's own area. Try something with texture and warm colors to amp up the coziness, or use a rug with cooler tones for a clean, sophisticated feel. And don't limit yourself to one rug— try layering a few to make it the perfect spot to curl up with your favorite books.

Neutral room with a chair and lamp with a green blanket

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Add Seating

Having comfortable seating is the most important part of your book nook (besides the books, of course). Seating options come in countless shapes, sizes, and styles that suit all spaces. If you have a whole room to work with, consider using a daybed that doubles as seating for your book nook and a bed for guests. If your book nook is in a closet or corner, incorporate colorful floor cushions and poufs or a fun bean bag chair. Or, if you're transforming built-ins into a book nook, add a comfy cushion and pillows to create seating.

Style Your Space

Accessories can take your book nook from a place where you read to a cozy getaway. Bring in blankets, candles, a side table, and reading lamp. Decorate with plants, pillows, and artwork with personal meaning.

Reading area with a chair and bookshelves

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Bring in the Books

Now for the most important part—your book collection! Use a freestanding bookshelf, built-in storage, or coffee table to display your favorite books. Stacked baskets and bins also work if your space doesn't allow for large furniture pieces.

Gold bar cart with glasses and a plant

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Create a Book Basket or Cart

If your book collection is too extensive to fit in your book nook, make a portable book basket or cart. To make a book basket, grab the book you're currently reading and all the supplies you need to have the peak reading experience (pens, highlighters, journals). Place all your supplies in a wicker or rope basket, and bring it with you to your book nook for each reading session.

Or repurpose your bar cart to make a book cart. Trade in the champagne and glasses for your favorite books along with bins holding your reading supplies. If your cart is big enough, add a lamp, decorative objects, and trays to accessorize. Once finished, wheel the cart to your book nook, and settle in for a cozy night of reading.

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