How to Decorate a Room with Slanted Walls

Don't let a sloped wall hinder your design style. We're sharing our favorite ways to embrace the architectural element for any size room.

Slanted walls can be challenging to decorate and furnish around, especially because these boundaries tend to be both structural and permanent. And while some form a symmetrical space, others only slope on one side, creating a bit of a design conundrum. If you have slanted walls in your space but aren't sure how to maximize their function and design, we're sharing our best inspiration.

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Just remember the shape, height, and direction of your sloped wall will determine the best design remedy for you. Before embarking on this project, be sure to analyze and measure your slanted wall configuration. (This will be especially important if you choose to wallpaper the area or install built-in furniture.) Then, determine what you can realistically fit in the space, prioritizing function over aesthetic. Once you have the basic elements down, add finishing touches that fit your design style.

A quick design upgrade can turn a pesky slanted wall into a captivating and cozy space with unique charm. These are our favorite ways to decorate a slanted wall.

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Give It a Fresh Coat of Paint

When painting a sloped wall, it's important to consider the wall's location, size, and shape. For example, if your sloped wall is your ceiling, consider painting it the same hue as the rest of your space; this may make your room feel more spacious and cohesive. In a tight space such as an attic office or small nook, a bright coat of white paint will make the area feel larger. Or, scout a lively color and turn your sloped wall into a stunning accent piece.

Use Your Slanted Wall as a Visual Headboard

If your sloped wall happens to be your ceiling hovering over a short wall underneath, place the head of your bed up against it. Paint only the bottom portion of the wall to create a visual headboard. If you want to add a physical headboard, be sure to choose one with a height that falls just below your slope. You can also search for hanging, wall-mountable headboards, which can be a comfortable and secure alternative. This design technique maximizes your space and creates a zone for sleeping.

pantry with wood shelves

Kim Cornelison

Install Floating Shelves

Installing custom shelves that span the width of your slanted space can equip you with extra storage. If going the custom route isn't an option, try mounting floating shelves in the most suitable arrangement: You want to fill the wall without overcrowding it. Shelves will give you a way to dress up your bare space and a place to display your collectibles, personal photos, or books.

Floating shelves look best when installed at eye level, but it's also important to consider the space in between your shelves if you're staggering their placement. Take time to brainstorm the functionality of your shelves — what will you be placing on each one? For example, if you have specific pieces of artwork or books, be sure to leave enough space in between (so each shelf functions in the way you need it to)!

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Cover It with Wallpaper

Rather than trying to hang artwork on a heavily sloped surface, turn your slanted wall into its own stunning display by covering it in wallpaper. You can wallpaper the sloped section yourself, but it may be a more challenging application. if you're not handy (or don't have experience hanging wallpaper), reach out to a vetted professional to complete the job for you. Or, try peel-and-stick iterations that can shorten your installation time.

If you're renting and permanent wallpaper isn't an option, you can try decorating your wall with peel-and-stick decals or stencils. This idea is especially kid-friendly and worth exploring if you'd like to infuse your little one's space with some cheery personality. From polka dots to trees, stripes, and confetti sprinkles, there's an option for every design style.

Paint a Mural

Much like wallpaper, painted murals give you an opportunity to make a style statement with an inspirational and beautiful design. Pick a vibrant motif or a scene that brings you joy; from tropical paradises to lush forests, there is truly no limit to what you can add to your space. You can even DIY a mural and hand paint your own design. Murals can be a bold design choice, so it's best to reserve this design technique for a space that feels right.

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Create a Built-In Nook

If setting a piece of furniture or shelving system isn't an option based on the configuration of your space, consider a built-in unit instead. You can customize a recessed unit that fits into your wall or have one designed that matches the shape of your space. Built-ins offer a timeless and practical storage solution without adding bulkiness to a room. Built-ins are also great if your sloped wall is connected to some type of architectural void or alcove where you may be able to add extra seating, such as a bench.

Decorate with Art

Instead of focusing on the awkward slant of your wall, look at it as a blank canvas that can form a pretty focal point. Use one supersized piece of art or create a gallery wall to dress up this space. If you are hanging art directly on a sloped wall, be sure to secure all four corners with keyhole brackets or command strips, according to your weight load.

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