These Are the Most Popular Houseplants in Every State

The houseplant craze continues to sweep America, filling homes with leafy green decor. Discover the top houseplant in your state!

Lately, everyone is jumping on the houseplant train. Over the past few years, an indoor gardening obsession has sparked in Americans, and living rooms (and Instagram feeds) across the nation seem to be steadily growing greener. So which houseplant should you be adding to your coffee table?

Joybird, a custom furniture and modern home decor company, recently studied the most popular houseplants in each state based on what residents search for. Americans love making things easy, and this proves to be true with the top five most popular houseplants—they're all extremely low-maintenance. Check out which indoor plants made the cut.

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1. Aloe Plant

Unsurprisingly, the aloe plant tops the list of most popular houseplants, almost twice that of number two in popularity. Not only does its spiky foliage add spunk to your space, but it doubles as a natural moisturizer. You've probably used aloe vera gel to soothe a painful sunburn and felt the relief as it soaked into your skin. Well, skip buying a bottle at the store and simply use the gel of the aloe plant's leaves as a moisturizer! This low-maintenance houseplant is a great fit for homes in every state.

2. Snake Plant

As the runner-up, snake plant is one of the most versatile houseplant choices. Its tall, sharp-looking foliage is actually super rubbery and succulent. The architectural form of snake plant complements all styles of decor, so it will likely look great in your home. It works well as a floor plant, filling corners of small spaces, while dwarf varieties make beautiful centerpieces. Don't worry about watering snake plant very often—it thrives with little water.

3. Succulents

These hardy plants have been millennials' obsession for the past few years, dotting dorm rooms and apartment shelves. Succulents come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can easily find one that fits in every space. Once planted, they require practically zero maintenance! Some of the best indoor succulents include burro's tail, Christmas cactus, hens-and-chicks, jade plant, and panda plant.

4. Peace Lily

You can't go wrong with peace lily. As one of the most classic houseplants, this stunner has stuck around for many reasons. Peace lilies grow white flowers, similar to a calla lily, and can span up to four feet tall. These plants can also help care for you, as peace lilies are one of the best plants for improving air quality in your home. A striking beauty and health benefits—we're in!

5. English Ivy

Ivy doesn't just look great on the exterior of brick buildings: It can thrive in your home! English ivy brings dimension and color into your space with its long stems and variegated leaves. Take advantage of this sprawling sensation and place a pot on a shelf where the vines can trail down. Be sure to provide English ivy with medium light, and you'll enjoy cascading vines for months.

Take a look at the map below to find out which houseplant is the most popular in your state.

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