Krispy Kreme Is Offering 4 Heart-Shaped Donuts for a Valentine’s Day Dessert

Plus, get tips on how to make your own filled donuts—doubling as a cute, at-home date idea.

Valentine's Day Krispy Kreme donuts box

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme always cooks up (or shall we say bakes up) something special for the holidays, and this Valentine's Day is no different. The donut chain is now offering four Valentine’s-themed donuts for you to treat a loved one or yourself to, available through February 14.

The adorable new “Dough-Notes” collection even features a limited-edition Valentine’s Day donut box—not only is it covered in Valentine’s designs, but it also features a space to write a personal note for the lucky recipient. 

The new donuts are on theme and shaped in a heart, of course, which also means they come with a delicious filling rather than a hole. Here are the special flavors:

  • You Color My World: Red icing and Valentine’s sprinkles, filled with Krispy Kreme’s cake batter filling
  • You’re Berry Sweet: Filled with Krispy Kreme’s traditional white filling, topped with strawberry icing and red sprinkles
  • Without You I’d Crumble: Chocolate icing and chocolate chip cookie crumble, stuffed with cookie dough filling
  • I Love You A Choco-Lot: Filled with chocolate filling, topped with chocolate icing and a cute icing rose.

“People aren’t just craving delicious doughnuts, they crave connection, and our new collection satisfies both needs,” says Dave Skena, Global Chief Brand Officer for Krispy Kreme, in the chain’s official news announcement. 

Create your own filling flavors and try out a new date night idea by making filled donuts yourself. It’s not as difficult as you might assume—you don't even need a deep fryer. (Simply heat 2 inches of oil in a deep saucepan to 365 degrees F to fry them.)

chocolate-filled donuts

BHG / Abbey Littlejohn

The secret to an evenly-filled donut is to pipe the filling from both sides. Poke a small hole in one side of the donut, use a piping bag to fill the center, and repeat the process from the opposite side.

"If you have a Bismark piping tip, once it's inserted in the donut, move it around to make a pilot hole for the filling," Emily Nienhaus, Better Homes & Gardens Test Kitchen culinary specialist. "If you don't have this specific piping tip, you can use a long skinny paring knife or the handle of a spoon, before piping the filling. They will be messy, so just have fun with it!"

Write your own sweet note to accompany your homemade creations if you're planning on gifting them. But if it's down to the last minute or you're craving an easy treat, head to your nearest grocery store and pick up Krispy Kreme’s new Valentine’s flavors, or order them for pick-up online.

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