These Viral Ornament Cocktails Are Officially the Drink of the Season

These decorative drinks have taken over social media this winter, and it’s easy to see why.

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If you’ve been hunting down new cocktail recipes to try this holiday season, you’re not alone—a search for themed cocktails on any social media platform results a range of colorful, festive options. But the top choice taking over the internet this winter isn't about the beverage itself: It's any drink that comes served in a clear glass ornament.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to sip directly from the ornament’s base—these filled baubles are just part of the presentation. You can make these fun, classy cocktails using whatever recipe your heart desires; the wintery touch comes from the display. Place the ornament inside a cocktail glass, and you (and your party guests) just have to open and flip it upside down to pour.

These ornaments look prettiest when sitting on top of a glass with a narrow rim. This allows it to self-pour—just how creator @curlsnpearlsss.eats’s shared with her gorgeous coquito in an Instagram post. Although she uses a classic eggnog cocktail to ring in the holiday season, the ornaments give any beverage a holiday twist—so don't worry if you're not into the peppermint martinis or hot toddies.

Cranberry Rosemary Prosecco Sparkler
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Serving the cocktail separately also makes it easy to arrange each glass’s toppings before handing out drinks. From cinnamon sticks to cranberries and citrus, these garnishes can be placed in the base of each glass prior to adding the cocktail itself.

Creator @champagneang uses frozen cranberries dusted with sugar (which also act as ice) and a sprig of rosemary in her holiday sangria. You can adorn your ornaments with little decorations too: @thesmittencollective shows off her ornaments dressed up with the trendy velvet bows you've seen decking everyone’s halls this season. 

You can make your ornament pour look even more professional by using the ornaments to help you mix up your cocktails. Add your liquor of choice to each glass before pouring in mixes or syrups using clear ornaments. If you really want to level up your holiday cheer, you can offer guests options in various mini ornaments, with each containing a different alcohol, flavor, or mix. Don't be afraid to switch things up and make ornament mocktails, too.

These striking cocktails will pump up any party and are sure to be a hit for everything from tree decorating to holiday dinners. Searching for the right cocktail to use in your ornaments? Here are a few easy winter-inspired recipes to get you started.

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