The Better Homes and Gardens Diversity & Inclusion Pledge

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Xiaojie Liu

In 2022, Better Homes & Gardens formally developed and shared a plan to make our brand more inclusive and elevate a diverse range of voices. Our goal is to continue evolving into a brand that provides trustworthy, inspirational, and achievable ideas for all doers and home-enthusiasts.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is outlined below. Over the last century, we've learned that change requires grace. We may make mistakes and strive to remain accountable to the loyal fans who've supported us and welcomed us in their homes. If you have questions about our plan, suggestions to improve it, or referrals for talent to feature or hire to contribute, please email us at We look forward to connecting with you.

Diversity of our staff.

As of April 2022, 5 percent of Better Homes & Gardens editorial staff identifies as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color). We work actively with our recruiting team to ensure BIPOC candidates are considered for each open role.

Diversity of our contributors.

In 2020, we grew our talent pool with photographers, illustrators, writers, and content creators to cover a wider range of topics that's more representative of our audience. Our goal continues to be ensuring at least 25 percent of regular contributors identify as members of the BIPOC community.

Diversify our featured content. 

For each story featured and magazine published, we complete a diversity check. Diversity and representation of homes, ethnicity, age, abilities, geography, lifestyle, and income are top of mind during our diversity check process. Our goal is to ensure we are reflecting the diversity of America by highlighting it in at least 50 percent of content published. 

Review popular features and stories.

In 2021, we took a closer look at some of our most popular content on our site and identified articles that needed to be updated for inclusion, such as recipes, plants, room tours, and more. We are working closely with our Anti-Bias Review Board to review our articles with a view for bias (intentional and unintentional). We are in the process of removing all mentions of "master bedroom" and "master bathroom" from published stories. 

Thank you for inspiring us to be better and more representative with each story we publish.

Emily Manchester, General Manager Stephen Orr, Editor in Chief
Sheena Chihak, Associate Editorial Director Oma Ford, Executive Editor