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This is Piles Cure Blog by Dr. Rajkumar director Shanti Hospital Hisar

What is fistula?

Fistulas are an abnormal small opening next to the anus from where discharge keeps occurring. This is due to a tunnel like tract between the anal canal and the skin. This condition always requires KSHAR SUTRA for permanent cure. read more →

What are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are itching, painful, or bleeding masses of swollen tissues and varicose veins located in the anus and rectum. Fortunately, hemorrhoids can be treated easily, and may be prevented in many cases. Since the condition of hemorrhoids almost always tends to get worse over the years, safe, gentle, and effective treatment for hemorrhoids are advocated as soon as they occur. read more →

What is fissure in ano?

Anal fissure or Fissure-in-ano is a kind of longitudinal cut (linear ulcer) at the anal canal outer anterior and posterior margins (skin-lined part) which is formed when a person suffering from constipation passes hard stool with strain. It is extremely painful ano-rectal condition which lead sufferer into stress and anxiety. The person is so much distressed that he/she develops fear for passing stool. This tendency however adds to his problem as it further aggravates the problem of constipation. read more →