35 Patio Decorating Ideas for a Stylish Outdoor Space

These patio decorating ideas add new life to seasonal spaces.

Backyard entertaining space

Jessica Sample

From alfresco meals to sunset s'mores and fruity cocktails, ditch the indoors for bluer skies with our collection of favorite patio decorating ideas. Whether your patio needs a little (or big) upgrade before you head outdoors, consider these tips. We're sharing ideas to help bring your indoor style outdoors.

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Give Vintage Furniture a Modern Spin

Vintage outdoor furniture

Brie Williams

If you've scored some vintage furniture at a local flea market or a neighborhood garage sale, give it a modern spin and make it more comfortable with new upholstered cushions.

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Add Pillows to Patio Furniture

Outdoor patio

Kim Cornelison

Outdoor pillows are a great way to add personality to an outdoor space while making it even more comfortable. Make sure to choose pillows designed for outdoors, which in most cases, will help prevent fading as well as mold and mildew from accumulating on the cover or the insert.

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Anchor a Patio with a Rug

Patio seating

Jacob Fox

Whether working with a large backyard or a patio, a rug can help delineate an outdoor space. Like indoor rugs, make sure to sweep or vacuum it regularly which will help ensure the rug lasts season after season.

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Hang Outdoor Wall Decor

Backyard patio

Adam Albright

There’s no better way to make your outdoor space feel like an indoor room than by incorporating a television. Ideal for watching the big game or family movies, some electronic manufacturers design televisions to weather the elements and maintain a clear picture, even in the bright sun. 

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Keep It Light

Backyard entertaining space

Jessica Sample

A simple way to make an outdoor space feel inviting is stringing up café lights. Not only do they add warmth and ambiance, but they are also highly functional when it comes to providing light over outdoor dining tables and lounge areas. 

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Define with Potted Plants

Bold and colorful patio


Incorporating containers is not only an easy way to layer in color and texture to an outdoor space, but the containers can also help delineate a space. Add various sized pots in clusters of three, flanking the ends of an outdoor lounge or the four corners of an outdoor dining table. 

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Add a Pop of Color

Backyard deck with firepit

Edmund Barr

Balance a minimal palette with a bright spot of color. For this patio decorating idea, choose a statement piece to incorporate, like a chair (or two) or a rug.

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Go Vertical

Deck with vertical garden

James Nathan Schroder

Vertical pieces save on floor space, or in this case, ground space. They can also act a graphic, plant-filled element in an outdoor space.

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Add an Outdoor Kitchen

Patio kitchen

Dominique Vorillon

When the weather heats up, nothing beats whipping up a meal outdoors. An outdoor kitchen and prep station is highly functional, and when done right, it can also double as a beautiful focal point for arranging an outdoor living space around.

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Keep It Cozy

Indoor- outdoor patio

Dominique Vorillon

Another way to bring function to a space is by incorporating an outdoor fire table. A natural material, like stone, adds texture. Bonus: It will encourage you and your guests to linger longer outdoors no matter the season.

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Just Add Storage

orange cabinet on front porch seating area holding entertaining supplies


A durable storage cabinet is the perfect piece of outdoor furniture to add extra surface and storage space. Stock the cabinet with items that will limit trips inside, such as lanterns, tumblers, and even a cozy blanket for chilly nights.

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Add Artful Moments

Patio wall decor

Edmund Barr

Even outdoor spaces can benefit from wall decor. For this patio decorating idea, choose sculptural pieces in natural colors and finishes that feel connected to the outdoors.

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Add Interest with Accent Tables

Bamboo outdoor furniture

Victoria Pearson

Side and accent tables aren't one size fits all, and there's no need to settle for a traditional square or circle shape. Rather, hold out for a sculptural piece that will also feel like an eye-catching piece of art.

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Put Plants to Work

Patio with plant barrier

Marty Baldwin

If the backdrop to your patio space is falling a little flat, try layering in some palms. These leafy, quick-growing trees are an effective way to create natural barriers and add interest.

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Weave in a Statement Piece

Patio egg chair and couch

Edmund Barr

If you don't have a pergola or roof to hang a seat from, consider an enclosed, footed seat. These seats and swings make the perfect destination for curling up with a good book.

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Stick with Neutrals

Pallet patio fence

David Land

For a seamless transition from indoors to out, carry the indoor palette to the outdoors. The spaces will feel more cohesive and less jarring as you move from one space to another.

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Add a Cantilever Umbrella

Agbenyega Patio - outdoor patio with lounging, dining and cooking areas


A sculptural cantilever umbrella will draw the eye to the space while simultaneously providing ample shade everyone within its radius.

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Mix and Match

Backyard patio dining table

Emily Followill

Just like indoors, it's easy to mix and match furniture. In this case, a substantial wood table is balanced by delicate metal chairs, adding character to the space.

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Plant a Beautiful Backdrop

Patio climbing shrub

Laurey Glenn 

Whether flowering or evergreen, a climbing shrub can act as a vibrant, colorful backdrop to an outdoor room.

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Decorate with Plants

Patio with macrame hanging plants


An easy way to add a pop of color is by hanging plants off your patio. The color comes through in a variety of forms, whether you choose a flowering plant, bright pot, or macramé hanger.

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Consider Light Fixtures

Sunroom lighting

Julie Soefer

When designing a dining space on a covered porch or sunroom, treat lighting as you would indoors. A chandelier or pendant in a natural—but durable—materials will elevate alfresco meals,

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Update a Traditional Look

Patio fireplace

Julie Soefer

A traditional brick façade shouldn't dictate your outdoor style. Layer on warm colors and finishes, like woven chairs and sculptural decor, to give it a modern spin.

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Create a Major Tile Moment

Backyard patio living space

Hector Sanchez

A patterned tile designed for outdoors is a great way to incorporate a wow-moment into your living space. In addition to flooring, consider tile around an outdoor fire place or as a backsplash to an outdoor kitchen.

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Be Mindful of Lighting

Gravel backyard

Kim Cornelison

Here, lanterns set near the garden steps double as decor. Once the sun sets, functional fixtures to help avoid trips and spills when walking up and down stairs.

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Add an Accent Table

Patio furniture

Blaine Moats

Just like indoors, an accent table is ideal for a book or beverage. Bonus points if you go the extra mile and top it with a potted plant.

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Make It Colorful

Patio with a blue accent wall

Carson Downing

If you love an interior accent wall, then consider a similar wow moment outdoors. Whether painted over stucco or board and batten, choose a vibrant hue that coordinates with the existing exterior color palette.

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Go with a Classic

Patio with classic pattern furniture

Carson Downing

If you want to incorporate a pattern outside but you're not sure where to start, look to stripes. Available in modern and classic patterns, this motif never goes out of style.

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Try a New Finish

Patio with lime wash walls

Carson Downing

If you love texture, then considering bringing it outdoors in a big way. Whether a on porch or covered patio, treat the walls to an easy-to-apply natural limewash.

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Refresh Your Flooring

Patio tile floor

Carson Downing

A simple tiled floor is a great way to bring a touch of the indoors to your outdoor space. Plus, the simple grid pattern will adds a slight but impactful graphic touch.

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Go with Gravel

Backyard garden

Gabriela Herman

Whether hardscaping or pea gravel, rock will add warmth, color and texture to a outdoor space.

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Consider Built-In Seating

Patio with built-in seating

Karyn Millet

No matter how hard you search, sometimes you just can't track down that perfect piece of furniture to fit your space. In that case, consider a built-in. It will look like it was designed to be there all along.

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Make it Welcoming

Modern farmhouse

James Nathan Schroder

You don't need an entire lounge set to make the exterior of your home feel welcoming. A chair or two flanking the front door is perfect for morning coffee or evening cocktails.

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Add a Bar Cart

Patio bar cart

Jason Donnelly

When it comes to an outdoor bar, think outside the cart. A shelf designed to live outdoors can function as a potting station or storage one day, and the ideal cocktail destination while entertaining guests.

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Make Room for Everyone

Patio living room and firepit

Christina Schmidhofer

If you have a large family or entertain often, then don't skimp on the outdoor seating. Create seating using roomy sofas with sets of chairs and even a cozy loveseat on one side.

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Create a Border

Narrow patio space

Emily Rone

If you have a space that lends itself naturally to outdoor room then consider building in a permanent perimeter. Using stone, small tile, or even paint, create the feel of an outdoor rug.

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