Testimonials are given by the satisfied piles patients.

Asarf Ali s/o Ayulhuq

Name:Asarf Ali s/o Ayulhuq Address: Cantt City:Hisar State: Haryana Mobile No.:9050135376 Category: Hemorrhoids Date:22Dec.,2012 read more →

Shamsher Singh s/o Sh. Mahavir Singh

Name:Shamsher Singh s/o Sh. Mahavir Singh Address: VPO Kugar Bheni City:Bhiwani State: Haryana Mobile No.:09255464836 Category: Fistula Date:17Nov.,2012 read more →

Sunita w/o Jai Bhagwan

Name:Sunita w/o Jai Bhagwan Address: New Model Town City:Hisar State: Haryana Mobile No.:9722976678 Category: Hemorrhoids Date:21Dec.,2013 read more →

RamNiwas s/o Sh. Jogiram V.P.O. Madanpura 9466533024

I am suffering from bavasir (piles), earlier I have taken treatment from various doctors and also gone to OJHAS for jharphoonk but was all in vain. Someone told me about Dr. Rajkumar’s Piles Clinic Hisar, then I approched to the centre.I cannot find the words to express how thankful I am for you help…I never.. read more →

Devi Lal

Devi Lal Villege & Post Gurera Mobile No. 9050069532 read more →

Uday Bhan, VPO Biran, Bhiwani

Name:Uday Bhan Address: VPO Biran City:Bhiwani State: Haryana Mobile No.:9050261173 Category: Hemorrhoids Date:17Nov.,2012 read more →

Roshani, VPO Bhadi

Name:Roshani Address: VPO Bhadi City:Bhiwani State: Haryana Mobile No.:9983738052 Category: Hemorrhoids Date:15Aug.,2012 read more →

Partap Singh s/o Thandi Ram

Name: Partap Singh s/o Thandi Ram Address: VPO Sahadwa City: Hisar State: Haryana Country: India Mobile No.: 9467694311 Category: Hemorrhoids read more →

Jaspal Singh Rawat

Name:Jaspal Singh Rawat Address: VPO Pippali City:Poudi Ghadwal(UK) State: Uttrakhand Mobile No.:9897632453 Category: Hemorrhoids Date:22nov.,2011 read more →

Asha Rani, Vidhyut Nagar Hisar

Name:Asha Rani Address: Vidhyut Nagar City:Hisar State: Haryana Mobile No.:01662 322598 Category: Hemorrhoids Date:23jan.,2012 read more →