Testimonials are given by the satisfied piles patients.

Khadak Singh (Power Grid Hisar)

Doctor sahib apke dwara diye gai treatment se mujhe 100%aram (relief) hai. Aur mein apne aap ko surakshit (safe) samajh raha hun . dhanayvad(Thanks) read more →

Rohtash s/o Sh. Partap Singh

Name:Rohtash s/o Sh. Partap Singh Address: VPO Jhojoo City:Bhiwani State: Haryana Mobile No.:9017688717 Category: Hemorrhoids Date:18jan.,2012 read more →

Yogesh s/o Sh. Bhim Singh PLA Hisar M.N. 09034704683

Dr. Rajkumar Verma was so knowledgeable with the procedure Kshar Sutra, I felt really at ease and comfortable with the whole procedure. He answered my questions and showed me all the steps and equipment used which made all of my nervousness go away. Thanks Dr. Rajkumar The staff was fantastic. They were very informative and.. read more →

Subhash Chandra s/o Sh. Ramsawroop V.P.O. LalPura (Hansi) M.N. 09467876172

I am suffering from bavasir (piles), earlier I have taken treatment from various doctors and also gone to OJHAS for jharphoonk but was all in vain. Someone told me about Dr. Rajkumar’s Piles Clinic Hisar, then I approched to the centre.I cannot find the words to express how thankful I am for you help…I never.. read more →

Rajkumar 39 years hemorrhoids mobile 08059377739

i took treatment for piles from Dr.Rajkumar. now I am feeling better and my pile mass removed, i thanks to Dr.Rajkumar verma read more →

Sunil Kumar s/o Sh Rajender Urban Estate II, Hisar

Sunil Kumar s/o Sh Rajender Urban Estate II, Hisar Phone: 9896648884 I took injection and after 3 days I am feeling better, but not satisfied as should be. In future, I am thinking  about KSL. , it may work. 15.10.2009 Currently after one week, it has worked & piles mass has been removed &  has left only a spot. May.. read more →

Bajrang s/o Shree Krishna New Model Town Ext Hisar

Phone: 9728239127 I have got kshar sutra treatment from Dr. Rajkumar. Now I am perfectly O.K. I had acute piles problem, I thank Dr. Rajkumar for this. read more →

Rajender Kumar s/o Sh. Ram Mehar Singh

Name:Rajender Kumar s/o Sh. Ram Mehar Singh Address: VPO Sisai Hansi City:Hisar State: Haryana Mobile No.:9728264754 Category: Hemorrhoids Date:3Dec.,2011 read more →

Jai Bhagwan s/o Jai Chand Ram

Name:Jai Bhagwan s/o Jai Chand Ram Address: Agarsen Colony Hansi City:Hisar State: Haryana Mobile No.:9416791547 Category: Hemorrhoids Date:3Dec.,2011 read more →

Devi Lals/o Sh.Mariya Ram

Name:Devi Lals/o Sh.Mariya Ram Address: GureraSiwani City:Bhiwani State: Haryana Mobile No.:9050069532 Category: Hemorrhoids Date:08 Oct.,2011 read more →