If You've Ever Wondered How Thanksgiving-Flavored Donuts Taste, Now You Can Find Out

We tried out a gravy donut just for you.

Glazed, filled, frosted—donuts are the most deliciously-indulgent treat in any form and flavor. But does that mean some flavors need to exist? McCormick, a global leader in spices and flavors used by cooks everywhere, teamed with Brooklyn-based Dough Doughnuts to introduce three special-edition Thanksgiving-flavored donuts that combine the best of savory and sweet holiday side dishes and desserts.

If you’ve ever wondered what a Thanksgiving-themed donut (and who hasn't?) would taste like, now’s your chance to find out. The idea of a gravy-infused doughnut might be a little hard to swallow, but the ingredients and flavors come together in an enticing way.

McCormick x Dough Doughnuts Thanksgiving bite sized donuts on plate surrounded by Thanksgiving dishes

McCormick x Dough Doughnuts

The three nostalgic, festive flavors include:

  • It’s All Gravy: Gravy-infused dough and maple cheesecake filling with notes of ground black pepper, topped with a brown gravy glaze, ground sage and black pepper stuffing crumbles sprinkled with garlic powder
  • Cranberry Craze: Cranberry jam filling with rosemary, a cranberry and rosemary purée glaze, rolled in doughnut crumbles and topped with dried cranberries
  • Pumpkin to Talk About: A creamy filling with Pumpkin Pie Spice, nutmeg, and cinnamon, finished off with a pumpkin glaze, rolled in pecan streusel crumbles, and garnished with a meringue dollop sprinkled with ground cinnamon

“Our collaboration with Dough Doughnuts is a celebration of the traditions and seasonal flavors that bring families and friends together during the holidays,” said Giovanna DiLegge, vice president of marketing at McCormick. “We hope our reinvention of classic holiday dishes in bite sizes allows fans nationwide to share in the joy, nostalgia, and taste of the season.”

Box of McCormick x Dough Doughnuts bite sized Thanksgiving donuts

McCormick x Dough Doughnuts

McCormick x Dough Doughnuts Thanksgiving Donut Taste Test

"I was obviously most excited to try the gravy donut," says Bryce Jones, associate editor at Better Homes & Gardens. "And it was definitely accurate—I like the concept of savory desserts, so I enjoyed that it was something different. The donut itself wasn't sweet, so it wasn't like there was a battle between flavors happening."

She described the gravy taste as mostly coming from the frosting, and the stuffing crumbles added a nice textural element. While it's not an everyday kind of donut, it was fun to try, and she would recommend it for a Thanksgiving morning treat.

If you prefer more traditional donuts, McCormick also shared its Pumpkin Pie Spice Doughnut recipe fora homemade Thanksgiving-flavored indulgence.

Delivered in a limited-edition, collectible holiday tin, the doughnut bites are available to ship nationwide for $69 per dozen, plus shipping and handling. To pre-order for Thanksgiving delivery, visit mccormick.com. Get it while you can—it's available while supplies last through the holiday season.

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