Diet and Regime

1.   Avoid red chillis, spicy food, junk food and foods with low roughage.

2.   Eat vegetables, salads, fluids, fruits in abundance.

3.   For smooth evacuation, have Papaya in abundance.

4.   Put some Ayurvedic oils in the rectum before going to defecate in order to avoid pain.

5.    Hot water sitz bath after defecation is an important method to relieve pain and inflammation.

Ayurvedic Medicines

Local application: Such as Oils and ointments.Oral: Bowel regulator powder(Isabgol husk)etc.

Kshar Sutra

1.   In Chronic cases, Kshar-sutra therapy is performed. The fissure along with mass (tag) is removed by a single application. It gives nice results. This technique not only eradicates the fissure with tag but also it produces sphincterotomy.

2.   Kshara sutra is the novel idea of drug delivery along the whole length of the fistulous tract by the ayurvedic surgeons.

3.   During kshar-sutra therapy there is debridement & cutting of the tissues followed by healing.

4.   The kshara acts as powerful debriding agent & selectively acts on the unhealthy tissues, pus pockets etc.

5.   This process of debridement & healing starts from deeper tissues & travels towards periphery in stages.

6.   The postoperative complications like recurrence of the disease, fecal incontinence, bleeding is not seen with kshara sutra treatment. Further this therapy is performed as an OPD procedure.

7.   No general anesthesia & no hospitalization is required.

8.    Patient maintains his normal routine activities as usual during treatment period.

Other Indications of Ksharsutra

1.   Hemorrhoids

2.   Anal fissures

3.   Chronic discharging sinuses

4.   Pilonidal sinuses

5.   Non healing wounds

6.   Fistula

7.   Tubercular sinuses

8.   Genital warts