8 Wallpaper Trends You'll See Everywhere in 2024

Design experts say we'll see saturated colors, retro motifs, and colorful expression in the coming year.

green wallpaper in retro living room

Courtesy of WallPops

The resurgence of wallpaper continues to dot our homes with a lively rhythm of pattern and color, energizing our interiors in ways painted walls alone could never. Design experts agree that wallpaper helps us express our personal design styles, while giving us extra square footage to express our most-loved patterns and hues. And as we settle into 2024, the wallpaper trend shows no sign of slowing down.

Contemporary wallpaper designs include bold geometrics, feminine florals, and tropical paradises. This year, design experts say you can expect to see fresh takes on classic retro, graphic, and natural wallcovering styles. To inspire your next room refresh or DIY project, top design experts share which wallpaper trends will steal the spotlight this year.

seventies style geometric wallpaper in dining room

Courtesy of York Wallcoverings

Seventies Styles

Bold, graphic, whimsical wallpaper designs will continue to dominate in 2024, according to Carol Miller, trend and color expert for York Wallcoverings. Nodding to the comfort and energy of retro-modern styles, Miller predicts this dynamic look of the seventies will take over. So what can you expect to see in this catchall post-sixties decade? "Anything from earthy toadstools and owls to the rise of the graphic design aesthetic," Miller says. She predicts accent pieces in an "iconic mod color palette of harvest gold, avocado, and brown," will top off this trend further.

green wallpaper in retro living room

Courtesy of WallPops

The “New-Retro” Bohemian

As retro styles experience a big uptick, a bohemian iteration of this aesthetic will also gain traction in 2024 wallpaper trends. "With collective adoration for thrifting and all things vintage, the focus will center on retro style among fashion and design influencers, bolstering an ever-present love of natural woods and rattan caning," says Hannah Reach, marketing communications coordinator at WallPops. She says key elements of these wallpaper designs will include rattan caning, warm-toned colors, funky bohemian patterns, and soft texture.

Blocks of Color

"The beauty of wallpaper is that there are so many different color, design, and style options available," says Ruth Mottershead, the creative director of the paint and wallpaper brand Little Greene. Mottershead favors pairing a favorite motif with a block of color. "[Combining] highly patterned wallpaper with a block of color below at dado height creates a visual space in which to place other patterns or colors on furniture and accessories," she says. Even in areas absent of a dado rail or paneling, "wallpapers can create a sense of intimacy and familiarity, a layer of pattern and color that when used in combination with paint can create a real design statement or add a subtle textural effect," Mottershead says.

neutral floral wallpaper in bathroom with gold mirror

Courtesy of Imparfait Design Studio / Michael Alan Kaskel

Flora and Fauna

Transformative wallpapers will be big this year, too. "We could all stand to be surrounded by nature more often, even if that means opting for transportative wallcoverings that evoke secret garden vibes," says Rebekah Zaveloff, founder and creative director at Imparfait Design Studio. In this way, wallpaper can be not just a decorative accessory, but a design apparatus that can home our most-loved places and atmospheres.

bird wallpaper print with dark blue couch

Courtesy of York Wallcoverings

Dark Drama

Open concept floor plans are on their way out, which Miller says will lead to an increased use of wallpaper. More closed-off rooms will call for private spaces to be cocooned in color-drenched wallpapers, she explains. "Atmospheric and opulent, the moody return of jewel tones, velvet, deep woodgrain, and intricate molding" will empower vibrant wallcoverings to outfit these dedicated spaces in style, Miller says. And as we bring privacy back into vogue for 2024, Miller suggests "[trying a] Neo Traditional aesthetic to create a sumptuous surround in every style, from Grandmillennial florals to the glamour of pearl and opalescence style."

Statement Stripes

"Stripes are back with strength and character," Miller says. A motif with timeless appeal, this wallpaper design brings a special anchoring effect to any space. Stripes direct the eye in a way other patterns can't, with horizontal lines evoking feelings of stability and security and vertical lines signifying height and strength. To try this trend yourself, scout stripes in railroaded, framed panels, or oversized styles, with a playfully bold exhibition. "For project solutions that blend the affluence of familiar classics with the dynamic personality of signature placement, choose stripes," Miller says.

small print wallpaper in office

Courtesy of WallPops

Dark Academia

"Well-traveled and curated decor pieces with intellectual appeal and characteristic touches of gothic-maximalism for a curiously dark aesthetic," will also influence wallpaper designs this year, Reach says. In this trend, keep an eye out for dark botanicals, old-school academia, gothic curiosities, and a dose of the whimsigoth aesthetic, she adds.

blue floral wallpaper in bedroom

Courtesy of Imparfait Design Studio / Michael Alan Kaskel

Printed Grasscloth

Natural wallcoverings can be the just the thing to bring jaded spaces back to life. In balance, visual and tactile texture can make a space feel more welcoming and comfortable. "I can’t get enough of the texture and the bohemian vibe of printed grasscloth wallcoverings," Zaveloff says. "It makes any room in your house feel like you're on holiday, providing a sort of brain vacation from everyday life."

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